For more than 60 years a point of reference for the operators of the wood finishing sector

Wood Finishing


Embossing machines, both for hot and cold engraving on wood. Renzo Borgonovo Srl machines’ embossing width ranges from 100 mm. to 1300 mm.; they can thus perform the most various kind of job, from picture frames to parquet and beams finishing.


Gilding/foiling machines for hot transfer processing. These machines, which can host from a single to 8 foiling heads, are meant to work on picture frames, general linear profiles, boards, and small panels, made of wood, engineered wood, and plastic materials.


Spraying machines for profiles up to 300 mm. in width. Our spraying units can handle almost any type of paint, reagent paints included. Compact and efficient, they can host both low pressure and high pressure systems.

Spiralling Lathe

Machines to create (LCB 600) and split into perfect halves (LCB 601) wooden spirals of various designs, pitches, and dimensions. The machines work in continuous starting from a squared, linear raw wooden pole.


Machines to split into two precise parts mirror-manufactured frames and mouldings. The machines can perform, as optional, a longitudinal cut for glass insertion.

Plaster Coating

Machines for the coating of linear profiles with plaster-like materials, which are fed by gravity onto the profiles and evenly spread with the help of a counter-shaped steel plaster. These machines features a super efficient and strong dragging system.


Machines for the sanding, denibbing, polishing, brushing of profiles and small panels. The machines can operate or on all the work-pieces surfaces or just on some of the sides. These machines are mainly equipped with disc or belt sanding units.

Handling Machinery

Loaders and Unloaders

Linear profiles Loading and unloading machineries, both for vertical trolleys and for horizontal manual loading and unloading. These machinery make it easy and automatic the handling of work-pieces to be works or that have just been processed.

Transfers and Cross-transfer

Machinery that allow the link between different typologies of product-processing and can connect machineries with different production’s speed. The simple linear transfers can go from 2 to 6 meters, while the cross-transfers can move the work-pieces in a U, N or Z shaped direction.

Service Machinery

Cutting and Shaping machine

Machine design to be complementary to our gilding machines: this double function machine allows the precise cutting of paper foil reels and the shaping to the samples of silicone coated wheels. Both this services are essential to the function of our Hot Gilding machine.

“Scotch Brite” Shaping machine

Machine that allows the counter-shaping to the samples of sanding wheels of the type Scotch Brite, which can be used on all our sanding machines’ series. The counter-shaping of the sanding wheels is essential to the good performance of the sanding process.

Plastic Film Covering machine

This unit applies a thin protective film onto the surface of all kind of linear profiles in order to safeguard the quality of the product during stocking, shipping, and storing times. Easy to use and to maintain, it works with various film thicknesses.

Used Machinery

Used Machinery

All Used and Refurbished machines sold by Renzo Borgonovo Srl are thoroughly checked, re-painted, and re-tested, to make sure that all their components are in excellent working conditions. All used and worn‑down parts are replaced with brand new parts.

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