Renzo Borgonovo Srl is proud to take good care of its clients offering after-sale services such as installation, personnel training, technical and technical phone support, and spare parts supply. Another service provided by our company is the shaping of silicone-coated wheels to be installed and used on our Hot Gilding machines, and the manufacturing on demand of cutters for our Spiralling Lathe machine LCB 600. Finally, Renzo Borgonovo Srl can gladly revision and/or refurbish your old Renzo Borgonovo’s machine(s) to either just making sure that the machine is working at its ideal conditions or to completely renovate and refurbish the unit, checking and replacing all its worn out parts and bringing it back to its former glory!

To request these services


After Sale Services
& Spare Parts

Renzo Borgonovo Srl provides both after sale services and spare parts supply related to any of the machineries manufactured by Renzo Borgonovo Srl. Please refer to the subchapters below for more in depth information. 

Machines' Revisions & Refurbishments

Renzo Borgonovo Srl is happy to work on your own used Renzo Borgonovo’s machines to revision and/or refurbish them, checking and changing every damaged or wore off part, or even updating any old model that can be brought up-to-date to the latest technology available.

Silicon Wheels Shaping & LCB 600 Cutters Manufacturing

Renzo Borgonovo Srl, other than providing spare parts related to its wide range of machineries, offers the service of Silicon Wheels Shaping for silicon wheels to be used on Hot Gilding machineries and the service of manufacturing Cutters to be installed on its Continuos Automatic Spiralling Lathe Model LCB 600.