If you are looking for a used but fully operational machine, Renzo Borgonovo Srl can help. We are always active on the used machines’ market and we buy, recondition, and resell used machinery of the brand Renzo Borgonovo Srl. While some machine’s typologies are harder to find and may need some time for scouting the right one, others have a higher mobility and can be more readily available.

All Used and Refurbished machines sold by Renzo Borgonovo Srl are thoroughly checked, re-painted, and re-tested, to make sure that all their components are in excellent working conditions. All used and worn‑down parts are replaced with brand new parts.

Renzo Borgonovo Srl Used and Refurbished machines are also covered by a full 1 year of warranty, exactly as our new machineries

Here are some examples of past refurbished machines, contact us to know the current availability!