These two machines have been designed to create and cut into halves a wide range of spiral-shaped pieces starting from a simple squared-sawn piece of wood. For the Spiralling Lathe LCB 600, the patented drive unit is of ingenious and simple conception and is the heart of the machine. The unit is driven by a gear-motor which permits selecting desired operating speed. A set of telescopic bushes makes the set up of the machine very fast. The spiral-shaped pieces can be made with right-hand or left-hand spirals, while the pitch can be chosen by replacing the fitted rollers on the drive blocks. A first drawing unit roughs the piece giving it a cylindrical section, then the piece is shaped by two independent and tilting cutting units that can be adjusted lengthways and crossways. The machine LCB 601 works on spiral-shaped pieces that have to be cut into halves: a precise and accurate blade cut the spirals making it possible to use the end-product of this machine as ornaments for furniture or frames.

LCB 600

Max diameter: 55 mm.
Use: Production of wooden spirals

LCB 601

Max diameter: 55 mm.
Use: Cutting of wooden spirals into halves